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Drew   "Champion of the Heart" 

Drew's first home realized that as their lives changed they did not have the time to give him the attention he deserved and wanted to place him in a home that did.  Fortunately, the perfect home came along for Drew. 
Miss Sarah (a Shih Tzu) and Miss Molly (a Sheltie) allow Drew to reside in their home with their humans, Rhea and Doug.  Stacey, Rhea and Doug's daughter, has Cerebral Palsy and lives in Morton Apostolic Christian Home, fulfilling her desire to be independent.  Drew, with much love and training, will assist Stacey and others residing at the home. 
Rhea certifies dogs for therapy work and Drew passed his first evaluation with flying colors.  He readily received his CGC title with Rhea's guidance and has settled into his role of giving and receiving love from the residents of the home each time he visits there. 
Drew is a true CHAMPION of the HEART, reflected in an article Rhea wrote below.
Check back soon for a Drew update!!

Drew, The Gentle Giant


Mr. Drew learning new stuff


The definition of winning


Most of the time my sweet Mr. Drew spends time learning to avoid bossy little black dogs. He spends the rest of his time learning to run and learning to be part of his new family.


 Great learning days for us all are the days we visit Stacey at the Morton Apostolic Christian Home, oddly enough in Morton.


This week Drew learned that the woman waving the plastic guitar has surprisingly good aim for a blind woman, he learned to duck.

He learned that Miss Molly can be nice just not to him.

Doug (my invisible husband) learned that he can’t sit on the beds because of germs but Mr. Drew can lie down, shed and slobber anywhere he wants since he must have no germs.

The nurses learned that if they keep treats in their desk they need to shut the drawer. Even the top one if Drew is in the house.


For those of us who train to compete, even infrequently, I learned that sometimes winning has many definitions: 

That sometimes sitting and lifting a huge paw ever so gently to shake a frail timid hand

Is more important than a MACH.

That sometimes a wagging tail and a happy face brings more joy than

A Finished Champion

That sometimes bringing even the faintest smile to a special face

 Makes finishing first at a trial a distant second in life.


Drew and Rhea

Drew and Stacey

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